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December 3, 2020 : People in Singapore will now be able to eat meat that does not require animals. This is called ‘clean meet’. Singapore has approved it and has become the first country in this regard.

Singapore’s decision has paved the way for Francisco-based It Just Startup. The company is preparing and selling chicken meat in the laboratory. Initially, the meat will be available as nuggets, but the company has not said when it will be available. Demand for animal meat alternatives is increasing due to health, environmental and animal concerns.

According to financial services company Barclays, the market for alternative meat could reach 140 billion in the next decade. That would be 10 percent of the 1.4 trillion meat industry. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

Plant based meat is the meat that is made. It tastes like meat and tastes the same. It is available in burger patties, nuggets, pieces. But the production of Eat Just is different because it is not plant based. This meat will be prepared in the laboratory from the muscle cells of the animal.
According to the company, this is an important discovery for the global food industry and it hopes that other countries will approve it like Singapore.

Over the past decade, dozens of startups have tried to bring meat to market. And they hope that traditional meat eaters will be convinced that their product is more real.

Memphis Meats, a company affiliated with Israel-based Future Meat Technology and Bill Gates, is also trying to bring laboratory-made meat to market. According to him, such products will not be heavy for people’s goji and will also be strong in terms of taste. Singaporean company Shiok Meats is working on making animal meat in the laboratory.

Many people say it will benefit the environment, but some scientists say it could be fatal to climate change in special circumstances.

According to BBC News Mariko Oi of Singapore, Eat Just said the food would open up various dimensions for such products. But the challenge remains. Laboratory meat will be much more expensive than plant best meat products. It Just said that lab-made chicken nuggets will be available for 50.

The second challenge is how consumers react to the company’s products. But with Singapore’s approval of the Eat Just product, other players will step in and begin their work. In addition, other countries may consider approving it. – BBC

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