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            Mt. Everest is the highest mountain on the Earth which is on the height of 8848.86m (29,032 ft) above the sea level which lies in the Sagarmatha zone at Solukhumbu district in Nepal. This one is the newest height of Mt. Everest, which was recently published by the Nepali and Chinese authorities on 8th December, 2020. Before the height of the MT. Everest was 8848m. Sagarmatha is a given name by the Nepali to Mt. Everest. It is also known as the border between China and Nepal. Chomolungma is the given name to Mt. Everest by the Tibetan, which means “Holy Mother”. Everest is believed to be 60 million years old and no one knew that Everest was the tallest peak of the world until the 19th century.

The name “Mount Everest” was first proposed in 1856 and published in 1857, in which the mountain was first confirmed as the world’s highest peak. Because of the highest mountain in the world, it has attracted considerable attention to the climbers. Whether the mountain was climbed in the ancient times is unknown. It may have been climbed in 1924 but this never has been confirmed. Several routes have been made over several decades of climbing expeditions to the mountain.

The New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, a Nepali Sherpa climber had been successes to reach the top of the Mt. Everest on 29th May 1953 at 11: 30 local time from the South route. After that many people reached to the top of Mount Everest every year. More than 5000 people have tried to climb the Everest and 240 of them did not come back from there. 323 female have climbed the Everest till today. The first female who climbed the Everest was Junko Tabei at the age of 35, from Japan in 16 May 1975. The total number of male climbers is 9,159 and among them 5,294 has successfully reached to the top of the Everest.

Unexpected storms, freezing temperatures, high winds, crevasse and the dangers presented by the extreme high altitudes are the hard reason to overcome even for the experienced climbers too. Mount Everest has a very cold and snowy climate in which wind can speed up to 286km/h. The coldest month in this place is January with temperature of -59 degree Celsius and hottest month is July with the temperature of -10 degree Celsius.

Generally, climbers have to spend their six months time to acclimatize their body with high altitude. At this time they take training of expedition to Everest, because this is compulsory for every Everest summiteers. After that they pass through Everest Base Camp and also four more base camps in order to allow their bodies to adopt in the high altitude, getting one by one base camp. There are some requirements to meet before climbing Mount Everest in Nepal. Climber must be between 18 to 75 years old. Those who have already scaled mountains that are higher than 6500 m, will only gets permits to climb the Everest. Disabled or visually impaired people need someone to carry them, only those who can go on their own will be given permission. 

“Everest Base Camp” is on the both opposite side of Mount Everest, which is named as South and North Base Camp. South Base Camp lies in the Nepal at 5364m height and South Base Camp lies in Tibet at 5150m height. These camps are known as the campsite shelters at the bottom of the mountain, which are used by mountain climber during their journey. The goods from North Base Camp to South Base Camp are supplied by the Sherpas or porters and with the help of animals, usually yak due to the lack of road-ways.

The Himalayan is the highest mountain and considered as ‘freshwater reserves in the form of a glacier, ice and snow which face extensive effects of climate change. The highest mountains of the world are some of the most majestic and beautiful things that one can be blessing enough to witness in their lifetime. Climbing to the tallest Mountains is a wonderful and physical dream of the land. Among the 10 highest peaks in the world, Nepal has 8, including Mt. Everest.

As we all know that Mount Everest lies in the number one position of top 10 tallest mountains in the world, with the height of 8848.86m (29032 ft) from the sea level. This Mountain lies in the Northeastern part of Nepal. Mt. Everest got its name from the Land Surveyor General ‘Sir George Everest‘ that first tried to locate the exact position of the peak. Everest base camp trek is the most popular trekking package in this region.

Mount Everest is also one of the famous tourism areas of Nepal. Many foreigners from different countries visit Nepal to see the tallest peak of the world.  The journey to Everest or Everest base camp start from Kathmandu to Lukla in a flight. From Lukla, people hike up to the Everest region to reach their destination in the Himalayas. Trekking lovers start their trekking from Jiri to follow the footsteps of Tenzing and Hillary before their conquest of Everest. You can see many new faces who have came from different countries on the way to trekking and also get a chance to see new kinds of flora and fauna on the long way, with natural beauties while doing up and down the cliffs and valleys. As you can see, the Sagarmatha National Park on the way, which was in listed in UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites in 1979, which includes the three world highest mountains; Everest, Lhotse and Cho Oyu and many more mountains that rise above 6000m from the sea level. This Everest region has been valued as the history of the Earth and also known as the habitat of rare and endangered species such as snow leopard, red panda, Himalayan black bear, and Himalayan wolves and musk deer. You can see the beautiful Namche bazaar, Tengboche, Gokyo valley, Everest Base camp and the Everest from the way.

Namche Bazaar is a popular point on the route to the Everest Base Camp, which is fully surrounded by Sherpa races with their Culture Museum. It is the perfect place to get a sense of Sherpa life through ages. Sherpa are the local people who live near the Mount Everest and belief that Everest is a sacred mountain so before they climb Mount Everest they always give a sacrificial offering in the name of Mount Everest.  

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