Lumbini The Holy Place.

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This is the place where Lord Gautam Buddha (Siddhartha Gautam) was born and gave birth by queen Mahamayadevi in 563 BCE. Siddhartha Gautam achieved enlightenment and founded Buddhism. Lumbini is the only place where we can find the history of Lord Gautam Buddha. In Lumbini, there are many older temples including the Mayadevi Temple and new temples which were founded by Buddhist religious. Many countries had helped in the construction of the temple and some of them are still under construction. There are many monuments, museum, monasteries and a holy pond where Queen Mayadevi took the ritual dip prior to Lord Buddha birth. Also, the Lumbini International Research Institute lies within the Holy place. Lumbini was in listed in a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

Thai Buddha in Lumbini

Lumbini is known as the holiest place of one of the world’s great religions, which contain the important evidence about the Buddhist pilgrimage from the 3rd century BC. Lumbini is also famous for the name of Ashoka pillar, which was made by the great Indian Emperor Ashoka in 249 BC and which also known as a proof that Ashoka from India, had visited the site. Like-wise many more countries like Germany, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, France, Myanmar, etc. built remarkable beautiful monasteries in the peaceful atmosphere. This place has a beautiful garden around it, which covers an area of 2.56 sq km and encompasses three zones each covering one square mile connected with walkways and a canal.

Lumbini Stupa

It is believed that King Suddhodhan married his cousin Mayadevi and they did not have any children for the first 20 years of their marriage. One night, queen Mayadevi had a dream in which she was carried by four good spirits and they bathed and purified her in the pond then dressed and honored her with garlands of flower. Then a white elephant appeared and circle her three time, and enter her womb through her right side. When she woke up the next morning, she knew that she was pregnant. Queen Mayadevi told everything’s to her King Suddhodhana about her dream. Few months later Queen gave birth to Lord Buddha in a beautiful Sal grove, which is also known as the focal point of the Lumbini Garden. It is also said that the new born baby walked his first seven steps and delivered his peace message to the world. He also told that this is his last incarnation. After the birth of Prince Siddhartha Gautam, the queen Mayadevi took a bath in the pond named Pushkarini on the day of Baishakha Purnima. Queen died after seven days of her son Prince Siddhartha birth. After her death he was raise and took care by his maternal aunt Prajapati, to whom King Suddhodhan married as his second wife after the death of first Queen Mayadevi. At the age of 29, Prince Siddhartha left his home, his wife Yashodhara and infant son Rahul in search of spiritual answer to the unsatisfactory nature of life like birth & death, poor & rich, healthy & weak, etc. He left his Royal Palace and setoff alone into the forest and went into the deep meditation, where he realized the nature of mind. And he got enlightenment on the full moon morning of May a week before he turned thirty-five. After this enlightenment, Siddhartha Gautam became as Gautam Buddha. Today, Gautam Buddha is known as the Light of Asia, and he is prayed by the whole world.

Mayadevi Temple Lumbini

The BUDDHA, “I teach because you and all beings want to have happiness and want to avoid suffering. I teach the way things are.”

The BUDDHA, while leaving his body at the age of eighty, “I can die happily. I have not kept a single teaching hidden in a closed hand. Everything that is useful for you, I have already given. Be your own guiding light.”

                  Today this place Lumbini is also known as tourist area. People from different parts of Nepal as well as from different countries come to visit this holy place of Buddhist. Not only Buddhist people but also all religious people visit this place to know about the history of Gautam Buddha. People from India comes the most because India border is just few kilometers away from this place and the transportation facility is good. There are many places for tourist to visit in this site like, World Peace Pagoda, Ashoka Pillar, Maya Devi Temple, Lumbini Crane Sanctuary, Myanmar Golden Temple, etc. There are also good facilities regarding hotels and lodges for the tourist. Specially, on the occasion of the Lord Buddha birth date which also known as the Buddha Purnima, people from different country visit over here and we can see the thousands of people celebrating the birthday of Lord Buddha.

Statue of Little Buddha in Lumbini

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