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January 1, 2021 : The English New Year 2021 has raised hopes as the tourism business, which has been languishing since last April due to the corona virus infection, is starting to take off. The tourist area of ​​Bhaktapur from Ranikot to Nagarkot is full of domestic tourists to celebrate the English New Year. Most of the hotels here are full of domestic tourists.

Most of the hotels in the historical Ranikot, the confluence of Suryabinayak Municipality-7 Gundu and Sipadol, which are becoming new tourist destinations, are full of domestic tourists. There was a crowd this morning watching the sunrise with the beautiful mountain view from here in the morning and it was difficult to find a hotel due to the influx of indigenous tourists to welcome the New Year by dancing and singing all night long.

Meanwhile, another tourist destination of Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, was visited by indigenous tourists to welcome the first sunrise of the English New Year. Tourists arrived in Nagarkot this evening to watch the mountains at sunrise. Hoteliers are excited to see the arrival of domestic tourists even though foreign tourists do not come here due to the Corona epidemic.

Ranikot on the border of Suryabinayak of Bhaktapur and Panauti Municipality of Kavre at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, one can observe not only the Kathmandu Valley andBhaktapur city, but also various mountain ranges.

Village Highland Resort Ranikar says that Ranikot has recently become a tourist destination as one can see eight mountains higher than 8,000 meters such as Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Sagarmatha, Choyu, Sisapangma, Manaslu, Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Gaurishankar, Dhaulagiri.

Stating that the Suryavinayak-Ranikot-Ashapuri and Suryavinayak-Ranikot-Fulchoki trekking routes from Sahaj Pakki Road have become the choice of Ranikot tourists, he added that even in the midst of the corona virus epidemic, the enthusiasm of New Year 2021 has increased.

Hotelier Bake said that the tourist area, which was deserted in the Nepali New Year 2077 BS, has started functioning in the English New Year. Despite the Corona that used to happen, there is hope that the tourism business, which has seen a surge in domestic tourists this year, will be revived. ”

He said that the Village Highland Resort Hotel in Ranikot had to be closed due to corona as soon as it came into operation at a cost of Rs. 160 million. He said that his hotel was booked seven days in advance and he had to send some domestic tourists to other hotels. Small and big hotels in Nagarkot, which have been closed since last April due to corona, have started reopening.

According to Gokul Lamichhane, manager of Hotel Marigold in Nagarkot Bus Park, the arrival of domestic tourists has been good in the English New Year 2021 BS even though there were no foreign tourists.

“I have been working in the hotel sector for more than 20 years but this is the first time the hotel has been deserted. Every Nepali and English hotel was booked a month before the new year, all hotels were full,” he says. In the new year, the arrival of domestic tourists has revived the tourism sector. ” He said that 65 percent of domestic tourists have visited most of the hotels.

Nagarkot Sunrise Tour

Dhan Bahadur Lama, vice-chairman of Nagarkot Naldum Tourism Development Committee, said that Nagarkot, which is crowded with foreign tourists in the English New Year, has seen a good influx of domestic tourists this year. He said that most of the hotel workers had returned home due to the corona virus and the hotel was reopened after the tourism business was revived.

Saying goodbye to the last day of 2020 and welcoming the sunrise of the first day of 2021, he said that there is hope for the declining tourism business as the number of domestic tourists has increased this year.

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