Farmers march: India farmers clash with police in protest ..

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Water cannon is used against farmers by Haryana state police as they try to remove concrete barricades installed by police to stop them from entering Haryana as they march towards New Delhi to protest against new farm laws,

Farmers from India’s Punjab state have clashed with police in Delhi as they protest reforms they say are against their interests.

Thousands of farmers have been marching in protest to the capital since early this week – many defied barricades to enter neighbouring Haryana state.

There is heavy security in Delhi and metro services have been disrupted.

The government denies that the reforms, which open the farming sector to private players, will hurt farmers.

Two farmers associations put out a statement on Friday, saying that they expect 50,000 farmers to reach the Delhi border from Haryana. Local media reports say drone cameras have been deployed for security surveillance at the Delhi-Haryana border.

The farmers are desperate to enter Delhi, says BBC Hindi’s Dilnawaz Pasha, who is with a group of farmers near the border.

“They are travelling with trolleys full of rice and grains and are cooking their own food. They say they’re ready for a long battle.”

But the farmers haven’t been able to cross into the Indian capital yet, with heavy security presence at the border. Photos and videos show dramatic visuals of the farmers clashing with police, who have used tear gas and water cannons to stop them.

Media reports say that the Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has urged the federal government to defuse the tension at the border.

Farmers remove a police barricade in Haryana in protest

Social media has been awash with visuals showing farmers breaking through barricades in Haryana, despite police trying to stop them with water cannons.

Thousands of them, including some on tractors, clashed with Haryana police. At one point, photos showed protesting farmers allegedly throwing barricades off a bridge in Haryana after police tried to stop their march to Delhi.

Farmers protesting in march to Delhi

Farmers in northern India have been protesting three bills – which contain the reforms – since they passed in September. Thousands took to the streets back then, where they blocked motorways and railway tracks in different states.

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