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The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the killing of 11 coal miners in Pakistan’s western province of Baluchistan.

The workers were abducted and killed near a coal mine on Saturday.

The victims are from the thousands of marginalized Shia communities.

Shiites have been targeted by extremists for practicing Islam.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has condemned the incident as an “inhumane act of terrorism”.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in the town of Mach, near the provincial capital Quetta.

The area is close to the Afghan border.

Balochistan is the largest but poorest region of Pakistan.

The gunmen abducted the workers from their collective residence and took them to a nearby hill.

Six workers were killed on the spot and five others died on the way to hospital, Dawn quoted local officials as saying.

According to the BBC’s Alexander Kermani in a video, the bodies of the victims were found mutilated and their hands tied.

The victim’s family has stopped vehicles on the main road demanding justice.

Authorities have promised to arrest the culprit.

In Sunni-majority Pakistan, the Hazara community is frequently targeted by extremists.

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