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Budha Subba is also a famous religious place in
Eastern Nepal which lies in the Sunsari district at Bijayapur
of Dharan. Budha Subba temple lies on the top Seuti river
bank, near to the Dantakali temple which is holy place for
Hindu religious. Budha Subba temple is also taken as an
important religious place for Kirati (Rai and Limbu) and
Hindu. This place has unique tip-less bamboo trees. There is
a story behind the tip-less bamboo tress.

It is believed that Budha Subba and his sister
used to play and hunt on the hill with a slingshot. While
hunting the crow, Subba ht the tips of the bamboo trees
and was lost and never grew back. Due to that, Subba
buried his slingshot and started meditation and gave up
hunting. The temple stand on the same spot today and the
small mound of mud is believed to be the spot where he
meditated. According to this legend, the temple got its
name from the hunter and named as Budha Subba. And
also his sister has a temple by its side. Interestingly, even
today the bamboo tree on that hill doesn’t have any tip.
And all the bamboos are tip-less. It is also known as best
peaceful location where people can wish for happiness and

This Budha Subba temple is also famous for Hindu
religious. People say that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati
arrived at the BIjjayapur in the process of hunting and they
stuck their bows and sat in a penance on the same place
where the temple stands today. But when they realised the

approach of Kali Yuga, they immediately disappeared from
that place.
This place is also known as tourist area. People
from different parts of Nepal and India come here to visit
and worship and also to see the tip-less bamboo. Also
there was a trend of writing on the bamboo trees. Young
men used to write the name of their loves to be success in
their love on the bamboo trees. But recently, it has been
stopped writing names on the bamboo because it
hampered the bamboo on its growth. So that nowadays,
lovers tie holy thread on the bamboo after worshipping
Budha Subba. You still can see the name written by the
lovers and as well as the holy thread which was tied up
over there in the name of their love. The temple gets
crowded on Saturday and people gives the sacrifices of
rooster and pigs specially. There is a good facilities system
of transportation from Dharan to Budha Subba temple.
This place has a small parking facility for car and two
wheelers. And also there are some small shops of flowers
and other materials which are used while worshiping.

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