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December 17, 2020 : The price of cardamom  exported from Nepal is expected to go up due to shortage of cardamom in the Indian market. Cardamom milling has started in the main cardamom producing areas of India. Demand for Nepali cardamom is high due to low production of cardamom in those areas.

Lately, even Indian businessmen have started coming to Nepal to buy cardamom. The price of cardamom is likely to go up after businessmen come to Nepal.

Rajkumar Karki, president of the Federation of Cardamom Entrepreneurs, said, “40 percent of the new cardamom produced in Nepal has been sold.”

A few years ago, the price of cardamom reached Rs. 1 lakh per quintal (40 kg per quintal) but it did not last long. Now the farmer gets only a quarter of the price. Again, if prices rise, farmers may benefit. “Prices are going up a lot,” said Karki. There was a shortage of cardamom. ‘

In the past, the price of cardamom was due to the decline in production in India, but in recent years, the price of cardamom has come down due to the resumption of production in India. According to Chairman Karki, India is the market for 60 percent of the cardamom produced in Nepal. India also manufactures various spices and sends them to third countries. In terms of quality, Nepali cardamom is better than Indian cardamom.

That is why the demand for Nepali cardamom is high in the international arena. ‘The price of Nepali cardamom has risen sharply in recent years. Farmers have started raising awareness even while processing it themselves, ‘said Chairman Karki.’ Recently, production has improved in many districts. ‘Cardamom is now produced in about 30 districts in Nepal.

Difficulty in trademark implementation :

The trade mark made four years ago to identify Nepali cardamom has not been implemented yet. The trademark issued by the government on July 6, 2073 BS was recently approved by Pakistan. Although cardamom can be taken in Pakistan with trade mark after approval, it has not been taken for various reasons.

Entrepreneurs say that cardamom with trade mark could not be taken to Pakistan due to the conflict between India and Pakistan. As soon as the government released the logo, the registration process was expedited in India, Pakistan and UAE. The logo was approved from Pakistan a year ago but not from other countries.

“Diplomatic steps need to be broadened. “The problem is that our diplomatic moves are slow,” Karki said. “In doing business with Pakistan, we have to satisfy India as well.” He said the government would take some diplomatic steps to ease the situation.

Four years ago, the government issued a trademark called ‘Everest Wig Cardamom’.
After the implementation of the trade mark, cardamom has been classified into three qualities for export by improving it. The highest quality cardamom is classified as Jumbo Jet (JJ), the medium quality cardamom is classified as Standard Quality (ST) and the lowest quality cardamom is classified as Variable Measurement (CC).

According to the Trade and Export Promotion Center, out of 5.24 million 329 kg of cardamom exported in the fiscal year 075-76, 5 million 12 thousand 694 kg was exported in the fiscal year 076-77. Of the Rs 4.28 billion cardamom exported in FY 2011/12, only Rs 4.92 billion was exported in FY 2011/12.

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