Airport contract: Ministry of Tourism rejects court order for Yeti group for 7 years

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Although the contract was signed for the operation of the cargo complex at the Tribhuvan International Airport about seven years ago, the company has not been given the responsibility yet due to the manipulation of the then minister and staff. NEA has also incurred a loss of crores of rupees due to the non-implementation of the contract.

A global tender was called on 13 January 2071 for the operation of the air cargo complex of the airport. Six companies from Singapore, France, Turkey, and India competed in the tender process.


The role of ministers is controversial

When they did not get the contract, the group tried to stop them saying that Sky JV was on the blacklist. Nepali Company Complete was blacklisted on 7 January 2064. However, as it was removed from the blacklist long ago and qualified to participate in the global tender, a committee convened by the then Dev Chandra Lal Karna evaluated the financial and technical proposals submitted by the company.

 At the time of the contract call, there was a government led by the then Congress president Sushil Koirala. Power partner

After that, the contract was canceled during the tenure of Kripashur Rai, who became the Minister of Tourism. Rai is the same leader who helped rebuild the building of the Pasang Lhamu Foundation in Dhumbarahi after the earthquake damaged the UML party office.

He canceled the contract and called for another. After a lawsuit was filed in the court, it was decided to award the contract to Sky and Complete JV.

Disobedience of court order

 After NEA failed to provide the contract, Parivartan Rai, the director of Complete Company, filed a case in the Patan High Court. A joint bench of Patan High Court judges Til Prasad Shrestha and Saranga Subedi had ordered to complete the contract and other works on January 29, 2072 BS.

However, the then Director-General Sanjeev Gautam did not sign an agreement with the company. As a result, he was fined Rs 3,000 in contempt of court case.

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