Air cargo case: CAAN officials apologized to the court, but did not advance the contract

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Though the then officials of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) apologized for contempt of court in the contract case for the operation of the cargo complex at the international airport, they have not paid the fine yet.

Although the contract for the operation of the cargo complex was signed about seven years ago, the company was selected due to the manipulation of the then minister and staff, Sky Lift of Singapore, and Complete Contact JV of Nepal have not been given the responsibility so far. The court had ordered to implement the contract after the company reached Patan High Court claiming that it was unfair.

However, the officials of the Aviation Authority were fined Rs.3000. Following the verdict, a bench of Patan High Court judges Ramesh Pokhrel and Achyut Prasad Bhandari had ordered a pardon on April 29, 2076.

However, two years have passed since then and the Aviation Authority has not taken the contract process forward. NEA has also incurred a loss of crores of rupees due to the non-implementation of the contract. Among the officials who apologized was the then Tourism Minister Ananda Pokhrel, NEA Board of Directors member and Secretary Shishir Kumar Dhungana, members Suresh Acharya, Ishwori Poudel, Sugatratna Kansakar, and Sukh Chandra Jha.

A global tender was called on 13 January 2071 for the operation of the air cargo complex of the airport. Six companies from Singapore, France, Turkey, and India competed in the tender process.

 Among them, Singapore’s Sky Lift Company had won a tender in a joint venture with Nepal’s Complete Contact Company. However, when the authority later canceled the contract, the company could not get the responsibility.

NEA has called for an international contract worth Rs 788.27 million. Sky and Nepal Complete JV had offered the highest amount of Rs 997.16 million.

Style = “text-align: justify;”> both financial and technical proposals had been approved to renew all the collateral including the evaluation of the contract. However, it was decided to cancel the contract on 22 September 2072.

The role of the controversial Yeti group has been seen in the cancellation of the contract called for the operation of the air cargo complex.

In the contract signed by NEA, the group had also submitted a tender in a joint venture with an Indian company called Celedi. The group had submitted the tender in the name of its sister organization Haritatara Enterprises.

However, the contract was canceled after Sky won the bet. Yeti had offered much less than the amount specified by the authority. After the group bid only Rs 380 million, the highest bidder was Skyko JV.

However, after not getting the contract, Yeti managed to use the then Tourism Minister to get the decision to cancel the contract.

After NEA failed to provide the contract, Paribartan Rai, the director of Complete company filed a case in the Patan High Court. A joint bench of Patan High Court judges Til Prasad Shrestha and Saranga Subedi had ordered to complete the contract and other works on January 29, 2072 BS.

However, then Director-General Sanjeev Gautam did not sign an agreement with the company. The current director-general Rajan Pokharel also does not want to implement the contract.

Currently, the cargo is being operated by Nepal Transit and Warehouse Management Company. In 2066, transit was given to cargo for two years. So far, he has been given several extensions.

NEA spokesperson Raj Kumar Kshatriya told that no decision has been taken in this regard. “After the cancellation, there is no decision on the implementation of the contract,” he said.

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